Management Consulting

Using ITIL® Best Practices as a springboard, Pink Elephant Management Consulting provides end-to-end solutions. From assessments using our globally recognised PinkSCAN and PinkVERIFY products, to strategic planning, implementation and beyond. As a result, you receive the measurements and analysis required to understand and improve the capabilities within your IT organisation. You will also discover the areas in which you are currently successful and how to leverage those opportunities to develop the less mature areas of your IT business.

Additionally, Pink Elephant works with you on improvement initiatives at the strategic, tactical and operational levels enabling your IT organisation to become an efficient process-driven IT Service Organisation. Pink Elephant has the personnel and the expertise to assist customers with the planning of their ITSM projects and initiatives. All project personnel have extensive experience and qualifications not only in project management best practice, but also have the experience and qualifications in ITIL®. These unique set of skills enables Pink Elephant consultants to assist customers in realistic planning of all ITSM related projects.

Pink Elephant Trusted Advisors

Pink Elephant excels at providing successful, outcome-focused consulting services from concept to completion, whether you need strategic planning, unbiased assessments, objective analysis, design guidance, implementation assistance or simply a vision of what could be.

The full range of Best Practice Frameworks underpins the time tested Pink Elephant consulting philosophy. Our world class consultants work with you every step of the way. Pink Elephant consultants fulfill the role of trusted advisor. We share our years of hard work, knowledge and real world experience to help you achieve your project improvement goals.

Pink Elephant consultants support your initiatives in a variety of ways:

IT Service Management

IT Service Management

Pink Elephant is recognized as a global leader in assisting IT organizations with understanding, defining and delivering effective IT services to their customers. Over the years Pink Elephant has refined our consulting model for assisting organizations – large or small – in creating and implementing an IT Service Management (ITSM) strategy.
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IT Governance

IT Governance Consulting

Over the past decade, the term ‘governance’ has moved to the forefront of business thinking in response to examples demonstrating the importance of good governance and, on the other end of the scale, global business mishaps. Successful enterprises have recognized that the board and executives need to embrace IT like any other significant part of doing business.
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Lean IT Consulting

Lean IT Consulting

The core idea of Lean IT is to maximize customer value while minimizing waste. Simply, lean IT means creating more value for customers with fewer resources. A lean IT organization understands customer value and focuses its key processes to continuously increase it. The goal is to provide perfect value to the customer through a value creation process that has zero waste.
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Project Management

Project Management

In IT organziations, Program and Project management are indispensable. Project management comprises the way in which projects are organized, prepared, scheduled, implemented and completed. Pink Elephant offers various Project Management and Program Management solutions, including Agile Project Management and the set-up of PMO offices.
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Achieving Results That Matter

Pink Elephant is recognised as the global leader in assisting organisations to understand ITSM and improve their ITSM operations. Achieving results that matter is the ultimate goal of any ITSM improvement task or project. Whether your objectives are focused on targeted short-term improvements or your organisation has envisioned a full transformation program, the building blocks (people, process and technology) remain the same.

At Pink Elephant our goal is to assist and advise you to turn your knowledge of ITSM practices into meaningful results. We have learned critical lessons on how to do this from the hundreds of organisations we have worked with – worldwide – over the past 20 years. Based on this practical experience we have developed an approach that can be right sized to your organisation’s objectives and resources.

Why Choose Pink Elephant?

In our view you need to take a full transformation life-cycle approach to translate  knowledge into meaningful and valuable results. We adapt, size and enter at the appropriate point of this model based on your needs as well as your capabilities to support your organisation’s specific requirements. Our experienced consultants are industry leaders and are specifically trained to adapt, adopt and combine frameworks at a fit for purpose level to fit your company’s unique situation;

  • We provide a full life-cycle of solutions in our assessments, strategic planning, implementation and continuous improvement coaching to help you achieve top-notch results;
  • We apply a holistic approach considering the People, Process, Product and Partner aspects unique to your organisation and ensure they are considered throughout the consulting process;
  • As your trusted advisor, we transfer knowledge and skills to you and your team and work with you hand-in-hand every step of the way;
  • Whatever your goal, we help you achieve it through the short and long term.

As trusted advisors our experienced consultants are responsible for enabling and supporting project sponsors, process owners, project managers, and internal process teams by providing advice, proven methods, and a host of resources and online tools from our experience with past project successes.

To learn more about how Pink Elephant can help you define, drive and realise your ITSM vision contact us at +60 3 8605 3610 (Malaysia) / +65 6734 2744 (Singapore) / 800 96 8197 (Hong Kong) or email us.