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The new digital era is changing the rules of business. Customers are becoming more demanding and power is shifting to them. In addition, new players are forcing major disruptions in certain markets. More than ever before, digital is part of the life of customers. They expect to have access to information, data, services and much more. All this needs to be delivered in real time, all the time. To serve your customers, you need to rethink your IT strategy and start your digital transformation so that you can optimize your use of current technologies and define your digital journey.

For the last two decades, Pink Elephant has been one the leaders in defining IT strategy for corporations. With our standardized approach, industry knowledge and Best Practice Library, we are leading the way. Pink Elephant assists IT organizations to formulate their IT strategy based upon people, partners and technology. We assist companies every step of the way to translate knowledge into results.

PinkATLAS - The largest IT Knowledge Base in the World

Our structured approach, together with our extensive PinkATLAS tool-kit of IT Best Practice Guidance, helps organizations save valuable time and resources. In order to actually achieve success, the first step is to realize that the true goal of any IT Strategy is to establish a common and efficient approach for the various functions within the internal and external IT value chain.

At Pink Elephant, our goal is to deliver meaningful results by taking best practice knowledge and combining it with the critical lessons learned from the hundreds of organizations that we have helped around the world. Below is only a sample of the type of consulting engagements that Pink can offer

IT Strategy Consulting


Organisational Transformation

At Pink Elephant, we provide the best solution and carry out organisational transformation and process engineering based on the IT best practices in the market. Organizing, resizing, defining functions and articulating a proper governance structure is one of Pink Elephant’s core competencies. Our approach aims to achieve significant improvements in the effectiveness of activities, a substantial increase in user and customer satisfaction, and an appropriate reduction in costs. Additionally, we ensure the availability of management metrics that guarantee efficient control of the processes implemented, together with an implementation schedule carefully tailored to our clients’ current circumstances. Pink Elephant Experts will also work with businesses and organizations to build resilience and to embed good risk management practices.

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Pink Elephant Outsourcing Advisory

Outsourcing Management

Outsourcing which was considered contentious has become an organizational model for technology and shared services. Outsourcing strategies are often considered the “silver bullet to resolve the problems in many organizations but to some an ideal way to reduce cost and focus on core business. With Pink Elephant, we enable you to your success based on a disciplined outsourcing lifecycle methodology, defining cross-functional support with clear understanding on the organization’s strategy, goals and objectives. With Pink Elephant, outsourcing can deliver benefits such as cost reductions, ability to focus on core business competencies, improved quality, enhanced skills capabilities, reduced time to market and competitive advantages to well position organization for competitiveness in global marketplace.

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To learn more about how Pink Elephant can help you define, drive and realise your ITSM vision contact us at +60 3 8605 3610 (Malaysia) / +65 6734 2744 (Singapore) / 800 96 8197 (Hong Kong) or email us.