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The Case For Integrated Service Management
by Troy DuMoulin, VP Research & Development, Pink Elephant

While continual change is a constant in the universe, there are some periods in history where radical change is the only solution – or we face an extinction event. The IT industry is now looking at one of these major transformational periods square in the eye. It could even be said that this moment in history is the third major industrial revolution – “The Age Of Digital Transformation”.

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The ‘How’ Of ITIL®
by Beverly Parker, Management Consultant, Pink Elephant

Your organization has begun its ITIL journey. You have invested in education so people understand what this thing called ITIL is all about, and perhaps some have gone beyond the Foundation level to dig deeper into this framework of processes. There seems to be some really good stuff here, but the question everyone has is: “Just how do we go about implementing this in your organization?

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Critical Success Factors For DevOps
by Troy DuMoulin VP, Research & Development, Pink Elephant

Each year Pink Elephant hosts a thought leadership working session, Pink Think Tank (PTT), to explore current issues and trends affecting the IT industry. This year’s topic was: What Do Leaders Need To Know About Strategic Critical Success Factors (CSFs) For DevOps?
A key theme of the DevOps movement is the acceleration of the IT value delivery processes with the goal to improve flow from requirements to production. This year’s PTT met to discuss the current state of DevOps adoption and also the critical success factors related to culture, structure, process and business engagement. This paper represents the first in a two-part series of outputs from this year’s PTT workshop.

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Service Management In A Cloudy World
by Charlie Miles, Management Consultant, Pink Elephant

As the use of cloud services continues to increase in most organisations, IT Management is generally managing how best to utilise cloud services but they are struggling with how best to transition from a technology-centric organisation to a service-centric organisation, and figuring out what their own role within the organisation will be in the future.

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Pink Agile Framework
by Pink Elephant

Today, the Agile ideology is almost inextricably associated with software development. Agile is an interaction concept for the implementation of projects, which has been adopted, in various forms, by virtually every commercial IT service provider, and which has become a part of the services rendered. Most large IT-intensive companies, such as banks and electronics manufacturers, have, in the past years, been making the transition towards an Agile way of working. Many medium-sized companies are often still in the planning stage, because the transition towards an Agile working method involves a radical cultural transformation. But what exactly is Agile, and what added value can it offer to organizations?

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Lean Service Management Resolutions For 2017
by Troy DuMoulin, VP Research & Development, Pink Elephant

Troy has 5 must-keep IT New Year’s resolutions – all about Lean IT Management!
There’s a dramatic shift in the language used to describe current and near-term objectives. Just a few years ago, the words you heard were all focused on delivering stability, reducing risk, increasing maturity and ensuring compliance. While these words remain important, the language has shifted dramatically to focus on words such as speed, agility, velocity, flow, and fit-for-purpose. Companies, leaders and individuals are all beginning to recognise that it is time to simplify, standardise, modernise, accelerate and automate.

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Demand Forecasting & Service-Based Funding
by Troy DuMoulin, VP Research & Development, Pink Elephant

In this revealing white paper written by Pink’s Troy DuMoulin and business costing expert N. Dean Meyer, there are four distinct processes identified – Demand Forecasting, Service Portfolio Management, Service Costing and Budgeting – to help IT organisations address service-based funding.

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