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Who Are We

At Pink Elephant, We Lead The Way! A premier global training, consulting and conference service provider, Pink Elephant has an undisputed reputation for leading the way. We’re proud of our pioneering and innovative spirit, which has enabled us to introduce and spearhead many revolutionary concepts and programmes since 1980.

Pink Elephant

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What We Do

Why Pink Elephant

  • Pink Elephant has grown to become recognised globally as The IT Service Management Experts and is very proud of its commitment to IT best practice frameworks. In fact, Pink Elephant has been involved in the “ITIL project” since its inception in 1989.

  • We have trained more than 350,000 IT professionals in ITIL, including employees from over 80 of the Fortune 100 companies – more than any other organisation worldwide.

  • We offer among the highest customer approval ratings – 96% recommend Pink’s education courses.

  • We host the world’s largest and most respected ITSM Conference & Exhibition each February in the USA and annual ITSM conferences in Singapore and Malaysia.

  • We serve as a founding member of the IT Service Management Forum (now itSMF) – the world-wide networking group for ITSM professionals.

Where Are We

Pink Elephant is an international company with offices and/or partners in all major global regions, including Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Canada, USA, Mexico, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, South Africa, Trinidad & Tobago, Australia and New Zealand. For full contact details, please click here.