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What Is Big Data?

All around us, people are generating big data. Every message on your phone, every email you write and every post that you like. All that combined is labelled as Big Data and contains a wealth of information. How organisations can reap the benefits of big data is the subject of big data science. The programmes below discuss how structure and unstructured data can be combined to provide valuable information for organisations. Big data leads to new insights, better decisions and a long-term competitive advantage.

Big Data School - Learn more with Pink Elephant

Pink Elephant provides the big data courses based on the content of the Big Data Science School. A collection of courses establishes a set of vendor-neutral industry certifications with different areas of specialisation. Founded by best-selling author Thomas Erl, this curriculum enables IT professionals to develop real-world big data science proficiency. Because of the vendor-neutral focus of the course materials, the skills acquired by attaining certifications are applicable to any vendor or open-source platform.

Why Should My Organisation Use Big Data?

Companies that make data-driven decisions outperform competitors who make decisions based on personal insights. Over the last ten years, data-driven companies have grown tremendously. People with the knowledge and skills to analyse data and build data models are highly sought after by almost every organisation. With big data courses, you can develop the skill to stay ahead of the market and become a leader in big data.

What Big Data Courses Can I Take?

Pink Elephant offers the following modules based on the Big Data Science School programme:

If you want to know more about the programme or learn whether these big data courses are suitable for you, please contact our office for further advice.