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Big Data Analytics for Healthcare Informatics

Over 11 years of my career was spent in the field of Healthcare, especially in Radiology to implement, support and to manage RIS (Radiology Information System) and PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) solution. During my time I have seen the evolution of RIS and PACS from a just being treated as a means of storing healthcare digital images of [...]

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Big Data for Retail Industry

In the earlier articles on Big Data we have discussed: What is Big Data? What is the lifecycle of Big Data? Why is Big Data important? and are Small and Medium Enterprises embracing Big Data? In this article, we discuss how Big Data can enhance next generation retail businesses. With competition pouring from every direction of the globe, businesses are [...]

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Pink Elephant Hosts Breakfast With Pink: Introduction To Big Data on 10 May 2018

Singapore – 16 April 2018 – Pink Elephant is pleased to host Breakfast With Pink: Introduction To Big Data on 10 May 2018, at the Mandarin Oriental, in Singapore. The two-hour free session will be hosted by Jan-Willem Middelburg, Regional Director – Asia, Pink Elephant, who will provide attendees with a fundamental understanding of the business implications, benefits and [...]

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Virtual Machine (VM) provision using Service Automation Framework®

Once simply a cost center, IT is now recognized as a key strategic asset for the modern enterprise. More than ever before, CEOs are looking to the IT organization to deliver tangible business value that contributes to the bottom line. As a result, the priorities for today’s CIO are quite different than in the past: Innovation: Refocus IT resources [...]

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Governance in a Lean IT organization

Traditional IT governance typically focuses on a command-and-control, documentation-based approach. Teams are expected to adopt and then follow corporate standards and guidelines, to produce (reasonably) consistent artefacts, and to have those artefacts reviewed and accepted through a “quality gate” process. What Is Governance – To A Business? IT governance typically addresses areas such as: The effective and timely investment in [...]

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Cloudonomics – Four Pillars of Cost-Optimization in Cloud Computing

A key business driver to move to cloud in the first place for most organization is to reduce cost incurred by on-permise infrastructure. Ofen times organizations undermine the complexity of cloud computing and thus one of the challenges faced after moving to cloud is on managing cost. Some organization may spend more than what was planned or you would like [...]

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Small and Medium Enterprise, are they ready for Big Data?

Is 'Big' Data only for 'Big' Companies? Is ‘big data’ only for ‘big’ companies? What about the small and medium enterprise organizations? SME’s, are they ready to embrace Big Data revolution? This was the question posted by one of our readers in the previous blog. So much of big data discussion is focused on ‘big’ in volume which has SME [...]

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Pink Elephant & Fatima Cabral Awarded 10 Stevie Awards

Women Around The World Recognised At Event In New York City Burlington, ON – November 21, 2017 – Pink Elephant is thrilled to announce that the company and CEO, Fatima Cabral, have won 10 awards at the 14th annual Stevie Awards for Women in Business, winning in every category nominated. The winners were announced during a gala event at the [...]

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The Case for Integrated Service Management

The Case for Integrated Service Management By Troy DuMoulin, VP Research & Development, Pink Elephant The Case For Integrated Service Management While continual change is a constant in the universe, there are some periods in history where radical change is the only solution – or we face an extinction event. The IT industry is now looking at one of these [...]

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Why should organizations consider PRINCE2?

Many organization has a mindset that, ‘Project Management is just common sense’. If it is, then why do many projects fail? Even if we get one right, we always get many projects wrong one after the other. Many professionals claim they are managing projects, what truly happens is that they are firefighting, which results in delivering the project over budget, [...]

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