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The 15 Essential Practices of DevOps

New White Paper - The 15 Essential Practices of DevOps The 15 Essential Practices Of DevOps DevOps is a coined noun used to describe an evolution of existing IT best practices from ITIL® , Lean and Agile into a development and operations approach that supports automation and continuous delivery. DevOps also encourages a culture of collaboration and learning to help [...]

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The Pink Elephant 20/20 Change Model

The Pink Elephant 20/20 Change Model Introduction Over the years, many experts specializing in organizational development have published change models describing how to implement changes, lead or manage a change project or transform teams and organizations. Some such models include the ITIL® continual improvement model, Lewin’s Three-Stage Model, Deming’s Plan-Do- Check-Act Model, Professor Kotter’s Eight-Step Change Model and the European [...]

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IT Service Level Management Framework

IT Service Level Management Framework Introduction Information Technology (IT), once seen as only for “software development,” has now found its way into all types of organizations. Businesses that fail to embrace IT and IT leaders who fail to be strategic partners to their business leaders will also fail to lead the business towards their competitive advantage. This is especially true [...]

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Benefits of Agile Project Management

Benefits of Agile Project Management It’s no secret that the Agile Model is fast becoming the preferred way to manage projects. Organizations, teams and even project management software are increasingly responding to a demand for more adaptive and evolutionary processes. And for good reason. In a fast-changing business world that needs to respond to rapid market and technology shifts, Agile [...]

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Integrated Service Management: The Magic Elixir Of ITSM

Integrated Service Management: The Magic Elixir Of ITSM by Charlie Miles, Principal Consultant, Pink Elephant Introduction The IT Service Management (ITSM) discipline is a set of specialized organizational capabilities that provide value to customers in the form of services, with ITIL® being the best practice to solve all IT service delivery issues. As the competitive market began to transform at [...]

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Managing Risk on ITSM Projects

ITSM Projects are tough – Plan to succeed! IT projects do not have a great track record of success relative to their promised goals and objectives. Various studies on IT project success published by the Standish Group, KPMG or Robbins-Gioia all conclude that the likelihood of IT projects delivering on their promised value proposition is no higher than 54%. This [...]

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DevOps Essentials Self-Paced Online

Pink Elephant Launches Unrivalled  Self-Paced Online Version Of Industry-Leading  Devops Essentials™ Certification Course New Delivery Format Provides Additional Training Option For Busy Professionals To Learn To Practice DevOps Leveraging Pink’s Unique “Full Stack” Approach Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA – 3 July 2018 – Pink Elephant is pleased to announce the launch of the self-paced online version of their industry-leading DevOps [...]

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DevOps Certification

Say No To Mumbo Jumbo IT Speak! Pink Elephant Leads The Competition With A DevOps Certification Course That Showcases How To Actually Practice (Not Preach) DevOps  Enhanced Business-Focused DevOps Essentials Course Includes 15 Must-Have Fundamental Practices & A Unique DevOps Assessment Tool Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA – 2 July 2018 – Pink Elephant announced significant updates to DevOps Essentials™, already the [...]

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Pink’s Organizational Change Management Course Ranked In CIO’s Top Ten!

We’re very proud and honored to make CIO Magazine’s list of Top Ten Change Management Courses in IT. IT leaders know that implementing change in an organization is no small task!  To be successful requires focus on many different components including time, energy, budgeting, and employee and stakeholder engagement.  If you’re a savvy IT leader you know that strengthening your change [...]

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COBIT® 5 Framework’s alignment with Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)

Technology Risk Management Framework and COBIT The advancement of information technology (IT) has brought about rapid changes to the way businesses and operations are being conducted in the financial industry. IT is no longer a support function within a financial institution but a key enabler for business strategies including meeting customer needs. Financial industries are also faced with the challenge [...]

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