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What Is COBIT Certification?

COBIT 5 is the latest edition of ISACA’s globally accepted framework. It provides an end-to-end business view of the governance of enterprise IT, reflecting the central role of information and technology in creating value for enterprises of all sizes. The principles, practices, analytical tools and models found in COBIT certification embody thought leadership and guidance from business, IT and governance experts around the world.

COBIT 5 provides guidance to executives and those charged with making decisions concerning the use of technology in support of organisational objectives. COBIT 5 helps business leaders address the needs of all stakeholders across the enterprise and, ultimately, maximises the value from information and technology.

Why Is COBIT 5 Certification Beneficial For My Organisation?

COBIT 5 assists organisations into organising their IT governance by ensuring that:

  • They achieve strategic goals and realise business benefits through the effective and innovative use of IT
  • They support compliance with relevant laws, regulations, contractual agreements and policies and gain a competitive edge over other organisations
  • They reduce complexity and increase cost-effectiveness due to an improved and easier integration of information security standards, good practices and/or sector-specific guidelines that result in operational excellence through the reliable and efficient application of technology
  • There is improved integration of information security in the enterprise, resulting in increased user satisfaction with information security arrangements and outcomes
  • There is an understanding of responsibilities and roles in cybersecurity within the organisation
  • There is a better understanding of current cybersecurity posture and risks to the organisation
  • There is an understanding of the actions required to close gaps between the current cybersecurity posture and the target state

What Courses In COBIT 5 Can I Take?

Pink Elephant offers the following courses in COBIT 5:

Please contact any of Pink Elephant’s staff members if you have more questions about IT governance.