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Agile Development Consulting

Agile innovation methods have revolutionised information technology, helping IT teams deliver more, better and faster. As we see more organisations adopting agile, Pink Elephant can provide the guidance to ensure that agile adoption in your organisation delivers better value and quicker speeds.

Why Are We The Best?

We believe people and technology are the strategic assets of tomorrow’s leading companies.

With a long track record for advising Fortune 500 companies on IT Strategy, Pink Elephant focusses primarily on people. We assist with formulating strategies on paper, and also help change the hearts and minds of the organisation.

Bringing a Pink Elephant consultant in-house means your organisation will change for the better – and we are willing to stake our reputation on this. You can request more information on our results-based services.

ITSM Maturity Assessment

Agile Maturity Assessment

Your organisation has implemented agile for a few years now but you wonder if it is bringing true value. How about your agile team? Are they more collaborative and effective? Is self management delivering better quality products? We provide an agile maturity assessment that will help you understand where you are in terms of adoption of agile principle, processes, teams and improvement to further transform your organisation to deliver faster and better.

Agile Development

As you look to transition to more of an agile environment in your organisation, we can assist in implementing agile in the manner that best suits your organisation’s needs. Be it Agile PM for large projects or Agile Scrum for software development, we can help!

ITSM Process Design

Agile Coaching

One of the roles introduced by agile development is that of the agile coach. An agile coach helps teams or individuals rethink their jobs and adopt and improve their roles with agile methods and practices. We can help provide training for leaders to become better coaches in the agile environment.

Developing Self-Organised Teams

Self-organised and self-managed teams are essential for agile to succeed. Discover how to unleash the contributions of your team toward your organisation’s critical priorities with Pink Elephant. We can help strengthen the foundation of your team through our team building programmes, and accelerate team
performance by improving communication, cooperation, and trust.

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Trust Pink Elephant with your Agile Development projects.

With more than 200 consultants across the globe and experience in every industry, we will transform knowledge into tangible results.
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