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Leading The Way In Digital Strategy & Digital Transformation

The new digital era has changed the rules of business – customers are in control and new players force major disruptions in the market. To serve today’s customers, you need to rethink your IT strategy and start your digital transformation. Pink Elephant can assist your organisation in formulating a holistic strategy based upon people, partners and technology.

Pink Elephant has a comprehensive digital strategy readiness assessment and implementation roadmap that can help your organization prepare for future growth. Based on your organisational profile, we assess the impact of disrupting technologies – such as cloud, big data and blockchain – and advise how these technologies can provide a competitive advantage to your organization.

Why Are We The Best?

We believe people and technology are the strategic assets of tomorrow’s leading companies.

With a long track record for advising Fortune 500 companies on IT Strategy, Pink Elephant focusses primarily on people. We assist with formulating strategies on paper, and also help change the hearts and minds of the organisation.

Bringing a Pink Elephant consultant in-house means your organisation will change for the better – and we are willing to stake our reputation on this. You can request more information on our results-based services.

Pink Elephant Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy Design

IT organisations are constantly told to deliver value better, faster and cheaper, and one way to do this is with an effective digital strategy. A Pink Elephant consultant will assess your organisation’s needs and identify an approach and future opportunities for your team to to continuously deliver business value.

Digital Transformation Pink Elephant

Digital Capability Assessment

Do you think your team is ready for a digital transformation but you’re not sure where to start? That’s where we come in. Bring us onsite to assess the readiness of your organisation, rate against an industry benchmark and the steps needed for a successful digital transformation. At the end of the assessment you will have a list of changes you can make immediately as well as longer-term opportunities to capitalise upon.

Service Automation Pink Elephant

Service Automation Strategy

Pink Elephant is one of the world leaders in service automation consulting. It was the first global organisation to become accredited in the service automation framework and has implemented service automation solutions with industry leaders across the globe. Over the years, Pink Elephant has refined our service automation consulting model that assists organisations – large or small – in creating and implementing service automation solutions and services.

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