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Pink Elephant has refined its consulting model for assisting organisations – large or small – in creating and implementing an IT Asset Management (ITAM) strategy based on the International Association of IT Asset Manager’s (IAITAM) best practice framework.

The Pink Elephant consulting model provides a full transformation lifecycle approach, enabling organisations to translate their ITAM knowledge into tangible results. The following life cycle stage descriptions provide a brief glimpse into how Pink Elephant can support your organisation in adopting, implementing and improving your ITAM strategy.

ITSM Strategic Roadmap

ITAM Strategic Road Map

Identify your key ITAM program drivers, develop your specific ITAM goals, and deliver a report on your organisation’s vision – with a road map that will act as a foundation input into future planning activities. You will understand that ITAM is a people project supported by tools and processes, not a tool or process project supported by people.

ITSM Process Design

ITAM Process Design

Unable to assign internal resources to the design and creation of process deliverable? Have our IT Asset Management experts design a leaner, more efficient and effective process with you! Within a workshop setting we will examine your customer requirements from the process in question and analyse each part of the process, looking for efficiencies and setting you on the path to continuous improvement.

ITSM Maturity Assessment

ITAM Maturity Assessment

Whether the driver is internal service improvement, achieving a quality standard, or meeting compliance regulations, having a benchmark of current state is essential for any improvement program. The standard PinkSCAN™ assessment service provides a baseline of the maturity of ITAM processes, including focus to the IT culture, and, allows informed decisions to be made to drive continual service improvement.

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