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The Challenge With IT Governance

The pervasiveness of cloud technology and mobile devices has led to IT organisations desiring complete control of their assets, processes and services. Governance is not only about adequately responding to demand, supply, management, and organisational development challenges, but is also about leadership. Our experiences in designing and implementing governance activities have proved that changing the leadership of all professionals involved is crucial to successful governance.

Pink Elephant’s IT Governance Solutions

Although every organisation requires a unique approach based on culture and maturity levels, Pink Elephant has developed a number of standardized consulting solutions to effectively help any organization get started with IT governance.

Leading The Way With IT Governance

A pioneer in IT service management and IT governance, Pink Elephant has been championing the COBIT 5 framework since its very beginning. Pink Elephant specializes in supporting organisations that want to demonstrate compliance with laws and regulations. Whether your organisation needs to be COBIT®, SOX or Basel II compliant, our ISACA-certified employees bring a wealth of experience in auditing and compliance. We will assist you in setting up the most important control mechanisms and carrying out audits and assessments. We will also supervise the process your organisation’s actual certification and, in addition, we will determine where your organisation stands in relation to targets and benchmarks.

COBIT 5 IT Governance Assessment

COBIT 5 Assessment

The COBIT 5 IT governance assessment is a standardized maturity assessment based in ISACA’s leading COBIT 5 framework. The COBIT 5 IT governance assessment will assess the maturity of your IT processes, divided over five main domains for an effective governance of enterprise. Pink Elephant will benchmark your results to industry standards and provide you with a roadmap for quick and medium-term improvements. The COBIT 5 IT governance assessment is conducted within 20 working days.

IT Governance Process Design

IT Governance Process Design

IT governance ensures that the IT organisation’s strategy aligns with that of the business. This workshop will put in place a framework that ensures your team is achieving their strategies and goals, while continuously delivering value to all stakeholders.

BYOD Audit and Assurance Program

BYOD Audit & Assurance Programme

Learn to provide management with an assessment of BYOD policies and procedures and their operating effectiveness, identify internal control and regulatory deficiencies that could affect your organisation and identify information security control concerns that could affect the reliability, accuracy and security of your enterprise data due to weaknesses in mobile computing controls. The audit and assurance programme will focus on BYOD devices that connect to the organisation’s networks or contain organisational data as well as the scope of BYOD devices including all varieties of smartphones and tablet computers and their various operating systems. A BYOD audit and assurance programme takes 12 days to complete.

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