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Leading the Way in Digital Strategy and Digital Transformation

The new digital era is changing the rules of business. Customers are becoming more demanding and power is shifting to them. In addition, new players are forcing major disruptions in certain markets. More than ever before, digital is part of the life of customers. They expect to have access to information, data, services and much more. All this needs to be delivered in real time, all the time. To serve your customers, you need to rethink your IT strategy and start your digital transformation so that you can optimise your use of current technologies and define your digital journey.

For the last two decades, Pink Elephant has been one the leaders in defining Digital Strategy and Digital Transformation programs for corporations. With our standardised approach, industry knowledge and Best Practice Library, we are leading the way. Pink Elephant assists IT organisations to formulate their IT strategy based upon people, partners and technology. We assist companies every step of the way to translate knowledge into results.

Why Are We The Best?

We believe People and Technology are the strategic assets of tomorrow’s leading companies.

With a long track record in advising Fortune 500 companies on IT Strategy, Pink Elephant focuses primarily on people. We assist with formulating strategies on papers, but also help to change the hards and minds of the organization.

Bringing a Pink Elephant consultant inhouse means your organization will change, and we are willing to stake our reputation on this. Request more information on our results-only based services.

Pink Elephant Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy Design

We are seeing new business models emerging in every single industry. Using our Digital Strategy approach, Pink Elephant can identify which new business models will be relevant for you. Because digital transformation is also about agility and speed, we do this in just a single day. In collaboration with you, we help you define a strategic roadmap that provides a holistic view of your current state, the opportunities for you on the horizon, and how to get there.

Digital Transformation Pink Elephant

Digital Capability Assessment

The continuous push of new technologies, data information and social networks is what is driving digital transformation. But what capabilities are required to start your transformation? Our Digital Capability Assessment provides you with insight into your Digital Transformation Readiness compared to your industry peers. The outcome will allow you to identify quick improvements and opportunities to be capitalised on.

Service Automation Pink Elephant

Service Automation Strategy

Pink Elephant is one of the world leaders in Service Automation Consulting. It was the first global organisation to become accredited in the Service Automation Framework, and has implemented service automation solutions with industry leaders across the globe. Over the years, Pink Elephant has refined our service automation consulting model for assisting organizations – large or small – in creating and implementing Service Automation solutions and services.

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