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Project & Programme Management Consulting

In IT organisations, project and programme management are indispensable. Project management comprises the way in which projects are organised, prepared, scheduled, implemented and completed. Project management is the work of project leaders and generally includes various sub-projects with associated teams and team leads. Successful project management is dependent upon a great many factors. Naturally, knowledge of methods and techniques is necessary but perhaps a greater role is reserved for soft skills, management skills and a professional attitude. And the more complex the project, the higher the requirements organisations set for their project managers. Change is a constant phenomenon that no organisation can avoid. Innovations and change are vital to keeping your organisation effective and capable of keeping pace with new developments. Projects are initiated in this regard due, in part, to the inherent risks.

Pink Elephant offers various project management and programme management solutions, including Agile Project Management, the P3O® Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices, PRINCE2® and MSP® 2011. All these best practices are recognized internationally as standards and are based on structured methods for effective project and programme management, developed using best practices.

P3M3 Project Management Maturity Assessment | P2MM Assessment

Project & Programme Management Solutions

Pink Elephant’s project and programme manamagent solutions are based upon the P3M3® model from Axelos. P3M3 stands for Portfolio, Programme and Project Management Maturity Model and is used to assess the management maturity of an organisation.Growth in the organisation’s project management maturity means that the predictability of change initiatives (commitment and outcome) will grow. From a common understanding of the organisation’s maturity among stakeholders, supported goals can be formulated and realised. Does your organisation permanently carry out projects and programmes? Then the P3M3 assessment model is an indispensable means of ensuring project management is provably and effectively embedded in your organisation.

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