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Leading The Way In Service Automation

Pink Elephant is one of the world leaders in service automation consulting. It was the first global organisation to become accredited in the Service Automation Framework, and has implemented service automation solutions with industry leaders across the globe. Over the years, Pink Elephant has refined our service automation consulting model for assisting organisations – large or small – in creating and implementing service automation solutions and services. The Pink Elephant consulting model provides a full transformation approach, enabling our customers to translate their knowledge into tangible results. Our service automation consulting approach provides a brief glimpse into how Pink Elephant can support your organisation in adopting, implementing and improving service automation.

Service Automation Consulting

Our structured approach, together with our extensive tool kit of service automation best practice guidance, helps organisations save valuable time and resources. In order to actually achieve success, the first step is to realise the true goal of a service automation initiative is to establish a common and efficient approach for the various functions within the internal and external IT value chain to deliver stable and reliable IT services to the business customer.

1. Service Automation Gap Assessment

The service automation assessment identifies which automated services (if any) an organisation already uses. It determines the state of the service catalogue, service portals, service level agreements, technology, and skills requirements – based on the service automation framework. The service automation gap assessment will be led by a consultant on-site and through extensive data analysis. The assessment is based on the theory and structure of the service automation framework.

2. SAF Gap Analysis Document

The SAF gap analysis document outlines the findings of the service automation gap assessment, identifying opportunities for service automation. The report outlines the required effort that is necessary to start delivering automated services and identifies ‘quick wins.’ Additionally, you will gain insight into cost savings, process design issues and the financial business case for service automation.

3. Service Automation Blueprinting

For every service in the service catalogue, Pink Elephant will compose a service automation blueprint. The blueprint outlines the workflows, communications and scripts that need to be assembled in the self-service portal. Blueprinting is an essential technique that is used in service automation and provides key information necessary for both scripting and process automation.

4. Self-Service Portal Design

In this phase, the self-service interface (self-service portal) will be set up according to the blueprints from the previous phase. The self-service portal is the interface between the users and the service provider organisation. The self-service portal must be set up in such a way that it is easy to understand and easy to use, whilst meeting all the functional requirements of the organisation.

5. Client Approval & Launch

Once all the automated services have been designed and implemented according to the service automation blueprint, we will launch the portal and send you a project completion document for your approval. 

To learn more about how Pink Elephant can help you define, drive and realise your ITSM vision contact us at +60 3 8605 3610 (Malaysia) / +65 3158 4294 (Singapore) / 800 96 8197 (Hong Kong) or email us.