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The World Leaders in IT Service Management

Pink Elephant is recognized as a global leader in assisting IT organizations with understanding, defining and delivering effective IT services to their customers. Over the years Pink Elephant has refined our consulting model for assisting organizations – large or small – in creating and implementing an IT Service Management (ITSM) strategy. The Pink Elephant consulting model provides a full transformation lifecycle approach enabling our customers to translate their ITSM knowledge into tangible results. The following lifecycle stage descriptions provide a brief glimpse into how Pink Elephant can support your organization in adopting, implementing and improving your ITSM strategy.

ITSM Best Practice Tool Kit

Our structured approach, together with our extensive tool-kit of ITSM Best Practice Guidance, help organizations save valuable time and resources. In order to actually achieve success, the first step is to realize that the true goal of an ITSM initiative is to establish a common and efficient approach for the various functions within the internal and external IT value chain to deliver stable and reliable IT services to the business customer.

At Pink Elephant, our goal is to deliver meaningful results by taking best practice knowledge and combining it with the critical lessons learned from the hundreds of organisations that we have helped around the world. Below is only a sample of the type of consulting engagements that Pink can offer.

Why Are We The Best?

  • Our experienced consultants are industry leaders and are specifically trained to adapt, adopt and combine frameworks at a fit for purpose level to fit your company’s unique situation

  • We provide a full lifecycle of solutions in our assessments, strategic planning, implementation and continuous improvement coaching to help you achieve top-notch results

  • We apply a holistic approach considering the People, Process, Product and Partner aspects unique to your organization and ensure they are considered throughout the consulting process

  • As your trusted advisor, we transfer knowledge and skills to you and your team and work with you hand-in-hand every step of the way

ITSM Strategic Roadmap

ITSM Strategic Roadmap

Identify your key ITSM program drivers, develop your specific ITSM goals, and deliver a report on your organization’s vision – a document that will act as a foundational input into future planning activities. The Goal of ITSM is to get disparate functional groups to work in a common manner based on accepted industry best practices to deliver services and value their customers want. In short ITSM is a people project supported by tools and processes, not a tool or process project supported by people.

With a track record of over 20 years, Pink Elephant has set the ITSM Strategies for more than 100 Fortune 500 companies across the globe. Our structured approach, together with our extensive toolkit of ITSM Best Practice Guidance, help organization save valuable time and resources. In order to actually achieve success, the first step is to realize that the true goal of an ITSM initiative is to establish a common and efficient approach for the various functions within the internal and external IT value chain to deliver stable and reliable IT services to the business customer.

ITSM Maturity Assessment

ITSM Maturity Assessment

Measurement is indispensable to good management, especially in today’s competitive environment, and more than ever, IT needs to deliver efficient and cost effective services to the business. Whether the driver is internal service improvement, achieving a quality standard, or meeting compliance regulations, having a benchmark of current state is essential for any improvement program. This baseline is the point from which future improvements and progress can be measured. The standard PinkSCAN assessment service provides a baseline of the maturity of ITSM processes and, allows informed decisions to be made to drive continual service improvement.

PinkSCAN provides an initial assessment of current IT Service Management processes based on the notion that IT services must provide optimum support to the business processes of a company. It therefore focuses on assessing how effectively the IT processes are currently meeting this goal and in support of this approach, attention is also given to the culture within IT.

ITSM Process Design

ITSM Process Design

Pink Elephant offers two different models of ongoing consulting support depending on the goals and constraints of a client’s Process improvement objectives. The Pink Elephant consultant will develop and document the process documentation with input from Process Owners and key stakeholders. Customer resources will meet with the consultant to define requirements and to review, amend and agree the design documentation developed by the consultant.

This model is appropriate when the client is unable to assign internal resources to the design and creation of process deliverables. Your existing process activities will be compared against good practice ITIL processes, but we will also examine what you need to meet ‘your’  business requirements – we won’t be slaves to ITIL. Within the workshop setting we will examine your customer requirements from the process in question and analyse each part of the process, looking for efficiencies and setting you on the path to continuous improvement. With the help of our IT Service Management experts, we will design a leaner, more efficient and effective process with you.

ISO 20000 Certification

ISO 20.000 Consulting

ISO 20000 demonstrates to a global audience the effectiveness of the organization’s IT service management system and processes to suppliers, customers, staff and partners. ISO/IEC 20000 offers competitive advantage for a range of companies, including Outsourcers, ASPs and Government IT service providers. Achieving conformance helps organizations to drive down costs, improve the quality of core IT service management processes and improve access to key government markets.

ISO demands the implementation of a management structure and system to provide accountability for every element of IT service management including a strong reporting structure, clear personal responsibility and supporting documentation. And, again following similar standards, it addresses the planning and implementation of service management system aimed at achieving the goals of improving efficiency and effectiveness, customer satisfaction and continual improvement.

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