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3-Day DevOps Essentials Course

  • Certificate: DevOps Essentials
  • Duration: 3 days
  • Format: Classroom or Virtual

Course Description

This certification course, designed by Pink Elephant, provides a new and unique perspective of DevOps through the ‘Full Stack’ of culture, practices and automation.

What is the ‘Full Stack’ approach?

As a major game changer in IT, the DevOps revolution has brought about new practices in the Application Development and Systems Operations areas that can help your organization deliver IT services better, faster and cheaper. This course identifies the three critical success factors that make up the ‘Full Stack’ approach, including:

  1. Changing culture
  2. Improving practices and processes
  3. Leveraging automation technologies

When you return to work, you will know how to be an effective, contributing member of a DevOps culture. Understanding how simply working more collaboratively amongst key teams and leveraging automation solutions will result in better business results for your customers. Completing this highly practical course and achieving certification validates that you know specific principles, methods, models, and tools that are all essential to becoming a valued DevOps and Agile professional within your organization.

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of DevOps Essentials, you will be able to articulate the benefits of implementing the Full Stack of DevOps culture, practices and automation at your organization to enable improved quality, higher speed and a reduction in costs, by meeting a progressive set of expected outcomes.

  • Describe what DevOps is, and what it isn’t
  • Explain the approach of thinking about the critical success factors of DevOps as a ‘Full Stack’ of culture, practices and automation to determine what it means for your organization
  • Explain the need for DevOps as a solution to problems facing organisations today
  • Summarise how the need for more value from IT drives the business towards DevOps
  • Summarize the cultural, structural and technological barriers that IT faces when attempting to deliver services at the right quality, speed and cost and why challenges are faced when implementing DevOps in today’s organizations
  • Explain the basic concept, principles and scope of DevOps, including ‘The Three Ways’ and accelerators such as Lean and Agile that supported the evolution and emergence of the movement
  • Summarize the key cultural values, Service Management, Project Management and Software Development processes and technologies that enable DevOps
  • List the ways in which DevOps transforms culture and better organizes people to solve the cultural and structural challenges facing IT
  • Explain the way that DevOps structures teams and people within an organization in support of its culture, processes and technologies
  • Describe how DevOps practices transform processes, utilising Lean, Agile and ITSM accelerators to solve the process design problems facing IT
  • List the ways in which DevOps transforms and organizes technology through automation and new tools to solve the technological problems facing IT

Target Audience

Anyone that is interested to learn more about DevOps. This course is especially applicable for people in Application Development (Dev) department and people engaged in Service Management (Ops) activities.


This course prepares participants for the examination leading to the DevOps Essentials certificate, granted by Professional Designations. The exam is a 1-hour multiple-choice question paper.

There are no pre-requisites for this course, although a basic knowledge of Service Management or Application Development concepts will be helpful.

Project Management Institute – Professional Development Units (PDUs) = 21.

The course is available in (public and in-house) classroom and virtual format.

Learning Material

Pink Elephant DevOps Course Manual

All attendees are given access to Pink Elephant’s learning portal, which contains numerous value-added documents, e-files, e-books, and highly enriching learning materials. Participants will have access to the DevOps Essentials workbook, and other courseware including the slide deck, exercises and sample exams. Material for this course will only be provided as downloadable soft copy files that can be viewed on a variety of devices. Attendees may print a hard copy of the files in whatever format best meets their needs, and can use the files under the Pink Elephant Terms of Use.

Fees and Registration

Kuala Lumpur – Public

9-11 April 2018

MYR 4,995.00


Hong Kong – Public

18-20 June 2018

HKD 9,990.00


Kuala Lumpur – Public

23-25 July 2018

MYR 4,995.00


Singapore – Public

17-19 September 2018

SGD 1,995.00


Kuala Lumpur – Public

12-14 November 2018

MYR 4,995.00


Singapore – Public

17-19 December 2018

SGD 1,995.00

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