How to Define and Implement a Service Catalog – Webinar

//How to Define and Implement a Service Catalog – Webinar
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About This Session:

This 1-hour interactive webinar will provide you with an introduction to a practical, structured and proven approach to designing, establishing and maintaining a Service Catalog.

The webinar goes beyond the ITIL® theoretical guidance for Service Catalog Management and focuses on explaining how to plan for, design, build, implement and maintain a Service Catalog that will meet your business needs. You will also learn how to:

  1. Map IT services to business processes and functions
  2. Describe the services that IT provides in terms of business value and business outcomes
  3. Publish services in an actionable Service Catalog

Attendees will gain the skills and knowledge they need to effectively and efficiently plan for and produce a Service Catalog listing all of the services that IT offers and that the business needs.


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Jan-Willem Middelburg
VP, Pink Elephant Asia