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ITIL Practitioner: Transforming Knowledge into Practice

//ITIL Practitioner: Transforming Knowledge into Practice

ITIL Practitioner: Transforming Knowledge into Practice

ITIL Practitioner – Transforming Knowledge into Practice

AXELOS launched ITIL Practitioner in Q1 of 2016. The main objective of this certification is to offer practical guidance on adopting and adapting ITIL framework and best practices to enhance IT service management to support and deliver the organization’s business objectives

ITIL in general offer knowledge and best practice framework on ‘what’ and ‘why’ has to be done and not “how” to do it. It is also imperative to know ‘how’ to identify and achieve the desired initiatives which will deliver business outcomes.

Questions like:

  • ‘How is this done?’,
  • ‘How do we ensure that the ITSM approach taken will deliver business outcome?’,
  • ‘How organizational improvement can be implemented?’,
  • ‘How to manage improvements and sustain them?’.

These are few of the ‘How’ questions which will be addressed by ITIL Practitioner certification program which can be obtained with Pink Elephant on a 3 day certification program.


Benefits of the ITIL Practitioner Certification

ITIL Practitioner designed for professionals with ITIL Foundation certified and above, builds a step ahead from the foundation concepts and takes a more logical and practical implementation approach. ITIL Practitioners will learn on adopting and adapting IT Service management concepts to their day-to-day roles and responsibilities within the organization. ITIL Practitioner will focus on the 6 steps of Continual Service Improvement approach, adopting and adapting to their organizational needs to deliver business outcomes.

ITIL Practitioner - Pink Elephant

The ITIL® Practitioner guidance follows 9 Guiding Principles:

  1. Focusing On Value – as determined by the customer
  2. Designing For Experience – ensuring the customer and user experiences with IT services are positive
  3. Starting From Where You Are – leveraging what you already have and resisting the temptation to “start from scratch”
  4. Working Holistically – integrating hardware and software, data, processes, architectures, metrics, tools, people and partners
  5. Progressing Iteratively – defining short-term wins and delivering the large, valuable outcomes through small, easier-to-manage activities
  6. Observing Directly – basing decisions on accurate and relevant data
  7. Being Transparent – to avoid resistance to change and foster trust
  8. Collaboration – getting the right people involved in the right ways
  9. Keeping It Simple – by eliminating activities that do not add valu

ITIL® Practitioners :

  • Can confidently and successfully act on the knowledge acquired from ITIL Foundation and ITIL Continual Service Improvement lifecycle module
  • Have a clear understanding on how to structure improvement initiatives and the ‘know-how to’ drive these initiatives forward
  • Expertly adopt and adapt the ITIL framework to the unique needs of their organization
  • Are committed to both personal and organizational development

Start your journey to becoming an ITIL Certified Practitioner today.

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