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Lean IT Leadership Course

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  • Certificate: Lean IT Leadership (Official Exam)

  • Duration: 3 Days

  • Format: Classroom or Virtual

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Course Description

IT organizations are constantly seeking new ways to improve customer satisfaction, service quality and value for the business. Lean IT is applied to transform your IT organization to a customer-focused, efficient and transparent IT organization that can deliver sustainable results to the business.

Any publication on the application of Lean principles within organizations will mention the critical importance of leadership to the success of the initiative, or the lack of success if leadership is absent. That is why this certification has a prominent place in the Lean IT Association’s certification scheme.

There are thousands of publications on Leadership, many on Leadership in IT, less on Lean leadership and very few on Lean leadership within the IT context. This course brings together published ideas on leadership, lean leadership and leadership in IT, and combines this with practical experience from Lean IT practitioners, to provide a well-rounded view of Lean leadership within IT.

This course is useful for managers and professionals who want to lead the change towards being a Lean organization.

Course Objectives

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the concept of Lean Leadership
  • Know the application of Lean Leadership in the IT Context
  • Use the Lean IT Leadership development model
  • Develop yourself towards being a Lean IT leader
  • Help others in developing themselves as Lean IT leaders
  • Align the Vision and Goals of your organization
  • Understand the concept of change in a organization
  • Understand how to take the lead in changing your organization

The Lean IT Leadership is a three-day course. It will give an in-depth look at the key elements on Lean Leadership in the IT context. Starting with the core concepts of Lean Leadership, followed by the Leadership Developments Model and then self-development, developing others, building teams, creating a vision, practicing lean leadership, changing the organization and exam preparation.

Target Audience

A Lean Leader is someone who is involved with leading or sponsoring a Lean improvement initiative at any level of the organization and within any “department”. This course is designed for IT practitioners interested in expanding their leadership, mentoring and team development skills based on the Lean principles developed through the “Toyota Way”, including:

  • Managers tasked with department level improvements
  • Senior IT Leaders
  • Lean project sponsors
  • Project Managers

Any role responsible for leading quality and continual service improvement initiatives.


The exam is closed book with 60 multiple-choice questions. The pass score is 65% (39 out of 60 questions). The exam lasts 120 minutes. The exam can be taken in two formats: Paper-based or online.

For this course you are required to have successfully attained your Lean IT Foundation Certificate. You will need to provide us with a copy of your certificate upon registration in order to be admitted into this course.

You will attain 21 professional development units (PDUs) for Project Managers with the Project Management Institute (PMI).

The course is available in (public and in-house) classroom format.

Learning Material

Lean IT Foundation: Increasing the Value of IT

The Lean IT Foundation Guide is explicitly designed to help practitioners, employers and academics define and practice Lean IT successfully. Written by Mike Orzen, one of the pioneers of the domain of Lean IT, this guide contains all necessary information successfully pass the Lean IT Foundation examination.

Fees and Registration

Kuala Lumpur – Public

10-12 April 2019

MYR 5,495.00


Singapore – Public

13-15 May 2019

SGD 1,995.00


Singapore – Public

18-20 September 2019

SGD 1,995.00


Kuala Lumpur – Public

4-6 November 2019

MYR 5,495.00