Following Pink Elephant’s annual IT Excellence Awards presentation during the Annual International IT Service Management Conference & Exhibition in the USA, Pink Elephant is proud to once again present the IT Best Practice Awards at PinkASIA18. The Awards will recognise individuals and organisations that performed remarkably over the last year. Pink Elephant’s IT Best Practice Awards will be presented in the following categories:


IT Best Practice Award – Student of the Year:

Recognises the individual that has achieved the most certifications with the highest scores in Asia.


IT Best Practice Award – Project of the Year:

Recognises an organisation that has demonstrated significant commitment to best practice frameworks including ITIL®, ISO, COBIT®, Lean IT, and Six Sigma.


IT Best Practice Award – Leader of the Year:

Recognises an individual who has shown commitment to IT Best Practices, continuous improvement and quality principles.


Send in your nominations! There are many success stories out there, and we want to hear them. Pink Elephant is now accepting nominations for Project Of The Year and Leader Of The Year. You can send your nomination and motivation to Please take into account the criteria below to motivate your nomination.

Project Criteria

  • What was the business/IT problem to be solved and why was solving this problem important?
  • Why was this solution approach selected?
  • What were the (customer) key or critical business and IT drivers that created a sense of urgency or were critical to establishing the priority for the project?
  • When did the project start, and when was it scheduled to end?
  • What is the organisational scope or what part of the organisation was impacted by the deployment of the project/solution?
  • What were the planned outcomes/deliverables of the project and how did the outcomes/deliverables align to the Problem Statement?
  • How did the organisation plan to measure the outcomes/deliverables to determine at what level they were achieved?
  • What are the tangible and intangible benefits realised as a result of achieving the desired outcomes?
  • How did the organisation manage the transformational change or how did the project impact individuals or groups as the project deliverables were implemented?


Leader Criteria

  • What are the wins or benefits achieved that the Leader was influential in the organisation achieving?
  • How did the Practitioner contribute to influencing or improving best practices bodies of knowledge?
  • What techniques did the Leader use to influence those within the organisation?
  • What and how did the Leader share ITSM knowledge within their organisation or other organisations?
  • What role and techniques did the Leader play in managing organisational change or influencing others in the organisation to accept and embrace the new behaviours required by new processes?

Previous Winners

IT Best Practice Awards – Leader Of The Year 2017:

Richard Yao

BP Singapore Pte Ltd

IT Best Practice Awards – Project Of The Year 2017:


For achieving their ISO/IEC 20.000 Certification

IT Best Practice Awards – Leader Of The Year 2016:

Raymond Simon Narayanasamy

AIG Technologies (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

IT Best Practice Awards – Project Of The Year 2016:

RHB Bank Berhad Group Technology Services

First Financial Institution to be Certified ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011